RS100 “Boat of the Year”

RS100 Sailboat

The RS100 tops a strong field of winners in Sailing World‘s 25th Boat of the Year awards. At 14 feet, this versatile, singlehanded dinghy “will keep both intermediate and advanced sailors engaged,” according to the judges. Following two years of design evolution and crowd-sourced testing, the UK maker RS Sailing created a boat that sports an asymmetric spinnaker and a light-weight epoxy-sandwich hull with elegantly-flared hiking wings. But it’s the design details, like the combo spreader-bracket with rotating mast and the inverted rigid vang that impressed the SW testers most. Priced at around $10,999, it’s aimed at attracting a wide range of sailors to this one-design class.


2 responses to “RS100 “Boat of the Year”

  1. Thanks Daniel. I’ll keep them coming. Can you tell me why it’s your favorite?

  2. My favorite post yet! Thanks for quality stuff.

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