Fall Regatta Picks: Upcycled Sails

Dvelas: Vaurien lounger
When sails deteriorate, they lose their shape and performance, making them useless for racing or exacting navigation. Most of these end up in the form of tote bags or pillows.

But Dvelas, a Pamplona-based design company, has stepped in with its innovative upcycling of used sails. A team of architects, designers and sail manufacturer transform the components into contemporary furniture and architectural spaces that are directly influenced by the shapes, construction and performance of sailboats. For example, the Barlovento y Sotavento / Windward and Leeward chair (pictured below) was inspired by the heel of a sailing boat and the counterweight produced by the crew when they sit on the other side of the boat to balance it.

Barlovento_ Sotavento easy chairPieces are available in limited or customized editions. Dvelas even accepts used sails in exchange for product.

via Cool Hunting, source Dvelas
posted by: Nancy H

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