Books: Cyclepedia

"Cyclepedia" by Michael Embacher

Everyone fondly remembers his or her first bicycle experience – the wobbly start, the shiny chrome, the ding-a-ling sound of the bell. Avid rider and architect Michael Embacher has shaped that love into a collection of more than 200 models. The author recently published “Cyclepedia: A Century of Iconic Bicycle Design,” his second book on the subject. A forward by fellow enthusiast Sir Paul Smith and crisp, captivating photographs by Bernhard Angerer spotlight 100 bicycles – racing, touring, mountain, tandem and curiosities – from the past century. Each bike is accompanied by a detailed component list and anecdotal stories for insight into its culture and creation. Wherever you fall in the spectrum of kid to connoisseur, this book is a pleasure to explore.
Cyclepedia, $35 Chronicle Books or £19.95 Thames & Hudson

1983 Trussardi
1983 Trussardi – The fashion company redresses a WWII paratrooper bike with detachable shoulder bags.

1980 Tur Meccanica Bi Bici1980 Tur Meccanica Bi Bici – A bicycle for two built on a single frame

via, source Embacher Collection
photographs: Bernhard Angerer

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  1. Thank for this great post! This is a fantastic gift idea and makes for a great conversation starter for a coffee table! I really liked learning more about Embacher’s architecture and design style as well.

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