Olympic Torch: 2012 London Games

2012 Olympic Torch by Barber and Osgerby

Since I’m on the subject of the prolific designers Barber and Osgerby, I thought I should include a look at their prototype for the 2012 Olympic Torch. Unveiled a few months back, their winning design for the London Games was immediately dubbed the “Cheesegrater,” due to its 8,000 perforated circles, one for each Torchbearer taking part in the Olympic Relay.

It is crafted from a gold-color aluminum alloy developed for the aerospace and automotive industry and is extremely strong and heat-resistant. The open form allows people to see to the heart of the torch and burner system as it takes its 8,000 mile journey across the UK. Before the Torch makes its debut during the opening ceremony on July 27, 2012, it will have undergone rigorous testing, including a successful session in BMW’s wind tunnel.

via Wallpaper; source Barber Osgerby
posted by: Nancy H.

One response to “Olympic Torch: 2012 London Games

  1. That’s pretty nice. Bollocks to the commentators calling it a cheese grater. Its a nice mix of modern and classic.

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