Ferrari’s Motorcycle Helmet

Ferrari Style Helmet

As an homage to the historic Maranello tradition, industrial designers Vinaccia Integral Design created the Ferrari motorcycle helmet to exudes luxury, all the while protecting your precious head. Satin-finish aluminium details protect and surround the edge of the padding, making it abrasion-resistant and easy to clean. The visor, manufactured using injection moulded scratch-resistant polycarbonate, offers excellent visibility in all conditions. This top of the line helmet is finished with genuine leather details and an embossed Ferrari logo.

The headgear will set you back about $348, but you’ll have to keep your street racing, um, touring to the continent. This helmet is not approved for use in the US, Canada or Mexico. Manufactured by Newmax srl for Ferrari.

via Yanko Design, source Vinaccia Integral Design
posted by: Nancy H


3 responses to “Ferrari’s Motorcycle Helmet

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  2. that’s some crazy s*it man, nice find as always. My favorite blog, to say the least…

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