Moncler V by Hiroki Nakamura

Moncler V

This season’s Moncler V collection was created by Japanese designer Hiroki Nakamura, director of the Tokyo-based shoe and clothing line, Visvim. With eight years experience at Burton Snowboards, this project was a great fit for Nakamura who thrives on collaboration.

Moncler V

Twenty historic pieces from the 50s and 60s were selected from the Moncler archives for reinvention. The pieces, including shoes and accessories were transformed by Nakamura, adding depth to the original concept. Orange, red, and turquoise illuminate the inventiveness of the pieces that draw inspiration from the clothing of mountain pioneers, through an eclectic mix of patchwork-quilted jackets, hats, kaftans, and jumpers.

source: Moncler
posted by: Nancy H.


2 responses to “Moncler V by Hiroki Nakamura

  1. Thanks for your comment Daniel. Yes, this collection definitely hits the heritage trend right on the head. Fortunately for Moncler, it has a very deep history to mine.

  2. That first picture looks very Harry Potter-meets-ivy-league. Its quite the look for the slopes and half-pipes this winter, no? Do tell!

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