Givenchy’s Black Surfers


Riccardo Tisci dives in deep for his sea inspired collection at Givenchy. The Spring 2012 “Black Surfers” ad campaign, seen here, was shot by the prolific duo Mert & Marcus. Beach beauty Gisele Bundchen and Mariacarla Boscono, along with their males counterparts Chris Moore and Simone Nobili lend an air of nonchalance against a backdrop of impending storm surge.

Tisci makes use of oversized shark-tooth pendants, shell-pink colors, dorsal fin curves and shimmering scale-like textures to play out the underwater theme. Contrary to the overworked nautical theme, this collection and accompanying ads effectively navigate the dark side of the ocean, a healthy reminder that it’s still a place where predators feed, swells loom large and night descends all around us.

Givenchy S12_1Givenchy S12_2
via Trendland,
posted by: Nancy H.

4 responses to “Givenchy’s Black Surfers

  1. A cool interpretation of the dark-n-stormy side of night surfing. Or something like that. I like what they’ve done yet I also feel a slight annoyance that I can’t place in the fact that fashion co-opts in the way that they do. Regardless, its a good post (well written too).

    • Yes, it can be both disturbing and seductive how fashion co-opts sports, as well as all other areas of life for commercial gain. But is it any different than sports stars dressing up for the camera or attending award shows? They’re both crossing over into another world and it always feel slightly inauthentic and real. Perhaps that’s why we continue to be fascinated by them.

  2. Interesting to see high fashion’s interpretation of this subculture… thanks for posting..

    • I agree with your comment. I tend to straddle the worlds of sport, design, graphics and fashion (personally and professionally) which is what prompted me to start this blog. Glad someone else is interested too. Thanks for reading Bukit Bear.

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